Just A Quick Update

Now that we’ve gotten our facebook properly maintained, I’ll begin focusing here a little more.  Please forgive any discrepancies while I sort this blog out.

Please note that the hours listed on this site are NOT accurate.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  Our hours are currently as follows:

Thursday 5 PM -10 PM

Friday, Saturday 5 PM -12 PM

The month of March holds a lot of exciting opportunities at the Cafe, including Gallery Stroll this Friday, Sewing For Hope and EDP March 19th, and Here’s to Hope March 26th!  All these events will be super-fantastic, so set your weekend to “wonderful” and get ready to party with us!!

Your devoted manager and barista,



Back In Action

Hello again, friends!  We are once again open for service!  During our break, we did a little re-organizing and are very excited to introduce all the wonderful changes we’ve made.  We now feature Meili Cakes gourmet baked goods.  She is one talented chef!  Everything she makes is decadent and stunning.  With one bite, you’ll be as enchanted with these delicious goodies as we are!  We are also proud to be featuring a new fall flavor.  Stop in for Pumpkin Pie steamers, lattes, and frappes!  Check back with us often, as we’ll be unveiling two more seasonal flavors: eggnog steamers, lattes, and frappes, and apple cider.  As the seasons change and the temperature drops, don’t forget to stop in and warm up with a cup of our fabulous hot cocoa and a slice of the best coffee cake in town. 

We’re very happy to introduce Holly and Samantha, our new baristas.  They’re both fantastic!  Check back over the next few days for their introductory posts.

Join us this Saturday at 12 PM for BYU football on the big screen!  We’ll be offering a discount to those in fan wear!  Avoid the chill and the uncomfortable stadium seats!  Kick back with a cup of joe and enjoy the game in comfort!

We hope to see you soon! Don’t forget to tell your friends about us!


A Successful Gallery Stroll!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the gallery stroll!!  We had a lovely night and a full lobby.  Byron Stout and Caleb Mitchell were our featured artists.  Their work is beautiful and contemplative.  We enjoyed the musings of pianist Malcolm Jackson all night. What a delight!  As ever, the coffee was delicious. I thouroughly enjoyed being on shift for the event.  Be sure to join us next month for fresh art and fresh coffee!

Your devoted barista,


Gallery Stroll Tonight at F Stop Café / Caleb Mitchell + Byron Stout

F Stop Café Fans!

Downtown Provo Gallery Stroll is tonight, and we are very excited to display an art exhibit from two local artists, Photographer Caleb Mitchell and Painter Byron Stout. Gallery Stroll reception is tonight from 6pm-10pm, so come check it out!

Oh, and thank you for joining our Facebook group! You fans on Facebook will be privy to special offers, birthday freebies, and other great stuff. Please tell your friends about us if you getta chance!

Downtown Provo is Rising!

F Stop Café NOW OPEN!

F Stop Café Grand Opening Poster Series

F Stop Café Grand Opening Flyer Series